Public Sector

Municipal governments housing their administrations in older buildings often face cramped conditions and functionally obsolete space that does not service a contemporary workforce well. Here is a case study investigating how to improve municipal office workplace environments, while addressing asset stewardship decisions.   

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Public sector real estate managers have some surprisingly complex portfolios to manage – a discussion on science and laboratory assets at the National Executive Forum for Public Property in 2018. Click here for more  information. 


Governments are interested in making their workplaces healthier – Judith Amoils makes a presentation on the WELL Building Standard at the National Executive Forum for Public Property in Vancouver in 2017. Click here for more information. 


Does the private sector deal differently with heritage properties than the public sector does? Surprisingly, the private sector can be highly motivated to preserve heritage assets.
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Workplace Strategy

Office environments shape how people work and can have a profound effect on how organizations function. Judith Amoils presents at DesignTrends conference, Toronto, 2013 “Interior Design Trends for Optimal Workplace Productivity”. 

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If you are changing the work environment, the most important question to answer is “What’s in it for me?”. Judith Amoils presented some thoughts at the Forum on the Workplace in Ottawa in 2017. Click here for more information. 


Leading employers understand that the design of the workplace can be a tool to influence employee health and wellness. The WELL building standard addresses the impact of the built environment on human health, and is increasingly being incorporated into office space standards. Judith Amoils is a panel participant at the National Summit on Wellness in Toronto, IIDEX 2015. 

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