Portfolio strategies and optimization

Real estate is an expensive and inflexible corporate resource, and often reflects legacy operations. This service assesses future demand for space, functional suitability, identifies consolidation and rationalization options, optimal mix of leased versus owned space, and reviews capital investment needs for owned portfolios. The outcome is to streamline the portfolio, identify surplus properties, disposition opportunities and potential savings.

Head office and office location analysis

Where do we locate and how much space do we need? This question is often asked when a lease comes to term, or where an existing head office is too big, too small, out-of-date or unsuited for future needs. This service analyzes location options and develops a business case for change, including impacts on employees, commutes, and business operations.

Workplace strategy and change management

How do we optimize our workplace to make people engaged and productive? How can we use our workplace to attract and retain the best talent? How do we best manage changes in our space for our staff? This service assesses organizational and space needs, including understanding the impact of mobility and new technologies on how people work and the physical space needed to support them in the office.  Change management strategies are also identified. 

Corporate real estate organization

How do we best organize our real estate or facilities organization? What should be centralized versus decentralized? What services should we have internally versus through external service providers? This service identifies the optimal organization and service delivery model, processes and policies, and conducts benchmarking or performance improvement analysis.